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Creative director, writer and artist. International career spanning over a decade at Fluid, SapientNitro, MRM//McCANN, DigitasLBi. Founder of the digital studio Detonate.

Over the years I've led several game changing projects for brands such as Oakley, The North Face, Kia, Adidas, H&M, Coca-Cola, and Xbox.

Wanderlust takes me to the pulse of the world, and makes it possible to work on exciting projects across the planet.

Are you an interesting startup, cool retailer, or just in need of someone who can handle big teams, dreams, tough clients, innovation, design, ux, strategy, branding and content?

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With a passion for storytelling, I help global brands build character, connect to customers, and sell stuff. I'm a visionary leader who utilizes left-brain logic and right-side artistry to create idea-driven and user-centered solutions.

If I had a mantra it would be to dissolve the boundaries between physical and digital. As a thought-leader, my vision is about bringing digital into everyday life by means of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, big data and transmuting that into intuitive, easy to use products. For the past five years, I've been preaching and prototyping this vision. Hopefully, my next big career move takes me even more into that direction.

I have a strong sense of design and UX that I mix with writing, strategy and innovation into an amazing whole. As a result, my name's been carved into some of the industry's most respected award statuettes.

The Norse Gods have blessed me with an ability to craft sensible and purposeful solutions. That means I have a penchant for cutting through the crap to create stuff that actually makes life better and more rewarding for us mortals.


My modus operandi is to deliver what you don't know yet. If you too get carried away about adventurous lifestyles, you may see how curiosity and a questionable doze of madness fit into the creative craft.

I'm attracted to the unknown; so I frequent it to get the heart pumping. Skiing in unfamiliar territory; throwing yourself off a cliff into a near perfect vertical; shredding fresh pow in the glaciers; never waiting to see what's on the other side. As a snowboarder, skier, runner, explorer, longboarder and former basketball champion I'm driven by wanderlust. And perhaps struck by a questionable doze of madness.

This way of live is translatable into my professional craft. My best designs are a combination of courage, simplicity, serendipity and willingness to try the new. Consequently many of my projects involve the sports, outdoors and lifestyle industries. I take on the world with wide open eyes and big ears: eager to learn, hungry to ask, determined to challenge, set out to change.

Whenever you need to bring about magnificence, you know where to find me.

About —

An international career, carved from the deep forests of Sweden to the foggy streets of San Francisco. Driven by wanderlust and a strong desire to walk my own way.